Okanagan Observatory


The Observatory is now closed for Friday public nights in 2023.

Please check us out again in the spring.

The Okanagan Observatory is a secure, dark-sky observing site for members of the local astronomy club.
Friday evenings from spring to fall, we host free public stargazing sessions -- weather permitting.


Our Public Nights

The Greatest Show on Earth and it's Absolutely Free! The Okanagan Observatory hosts free public observing nights every Friday. The Okanagan Observatory is exactly 4 kms up Big White Rd from Hwy 33. That makes it only 35 kms from Rutland Rd. We will be pointing out the Milky Way and constellations with special astronomical laser pointers as we tour the night sky. Club members will have their telescopes on hand and be using the observatory 25 inch telescope to show off celestial wonders such as the Moon, planets, comets, dying stars, stellar nurseries, globular clusters, open clusters and galaxies. 


2017 Fundraising Dinner was a great success. Our 6th Annual Star Gala Night featured the speaker: Professor, Richard Christie

The Okanagan Observatory free wheelchair accessible bus transportation ...

Articulating Eyepiece for mobility challenged guests gets a test drive! See pictures.