Okanagan Observatory

Business Context

Astronomy is a grand and far-reaching science, whose exploration will enable us to understand the origin and evolution of our universe and its constituents.

Many people want to know how the universe came into being, what our place in it is, and what other objects exist within it. Basically, we are curious, and astronomy enriches our lives that way.

The socio-economic, cultural, and intellectual climate of the Central Okanagan is at the tipping point, primed for the next step in appreciation, exploration and utilization of our rich astronomical heritage. Our current economic and cultural growth is unprecedented, and with the arrival of UBC Okanagan, our community has reached the maturity point where the benefits of an observatory for the community at large has become obvious. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Okanagan Centre is a non-profit society of amateur astronomers that intends to lead the way in developing a regional astronomical centre and observatory, which would benefit all sectors of our diverse society. Following detailed stages of planned development the final goal will be a world-class public observatory housing a large aperture research grade telescope. Shared use of this modern and fully equipped facility by educational, research and public partners would enhance the quality and rewards of each sector as well as augment our community cultural development. Some of the segments of our community that stand to directly benefit from use of the observatory are:

School District 23 - curriculum enhancement, all grades
Private Schools - curriculum enhancement, all grades
Community Organizations such as Girl Guides, Scouts etc.
University of British Columbia - Physics and Sciences
Okanagan College - Physics and Sciences
Tourists to the Okanagan from around the world
Local residents - either individually or in private tours
Members of the OCRASC will manage and use the facilities

Indirectly, the Central Okanagan tourism sector will have another unique, reasonably priced attraction to promote as part of their offerings to visitors to our community. As a non-profit society the RASC Okanagan Centre will spearhead the project bringing financial and operating partners on line as the project develops.

Business Plan is available here
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