The Society has identified key elements necessary to accommodate the mission and vision we have for the use and enjoyment of the facility. To date, key elements are:


The 25” member-built features a folded light path and tracking mount which optimizes use by academic, member, and public participants.

Sky Theatre

With a seating capacity of up to 90 persons the Sky Theatre provides a perfect venue for educational presentations that introduce guests to the observatory public program.

Radio Astronomy

A radio array of up to 3 dishes will be able to be used for serious investigations and even graduate-level research. Students from UBCO and Okanagan College have contributed to the advancement of the radio program.

Observing Field

Situated on the observatory grounds the observing field allows those who bring their own telescope to have a suitable surface and secure area to operate their telescope from.

Parking Lot

A large level area has been improved for safe and easy night-time parking.

Disabled Access

We have improved our site to further accommodate those with mobility issues. Close vehicular access and disability considerate washrooms were added in 2011. Also a member donated camera is available to provide real-time visual observation to mobility restricted guests.

Articulated Eyepiece

To further enhance the experience of persons of disability, we now have an articulated eyepiece to allow direct visual observations.

       first light

Yet to be developed:

Dome and Roll-off Roof Structures

The dome and roll-off roof, or “roll around”, observatory buildings will shelter the telescopes and astronomers while allowing the telescopes to pan around the sky for celestial objects.

Discovery Centre
(Meeting Room/Common Room)

A meeting room will allow classroom lectures, instruction to groups, and house educational items for visitors. The main building will also have a small kitchen and bathroom as well as sleeping quarters for an RASC OC member caretaker, or overnight research members.


Member-built 25" scope

Friday night

Handicap Access

A special articulated eyepiece is available to provide a direct visual
experience for wheelchair observers.

first light

The Support Building

YOObuilding 1 support RASTER.jpg (70861 bytes) This structure will be used as a gathering place and information resource for visitors to the observatory. Audio visual programs and educational presentations will be offered to complement visual observations at the telescopes.

Roll Around Roof Structure 

YOObuilding 2 roll off RASTER(1).jpg (69096 bytes) The specialized roll off roof will allow a full sky view for numerous telescopes in a safe and protected environment optimized for visual observation.
Courtesy Pacific Rim Architecture

All of the structures and assets of the Observatory will have wheelchair accessibility.

Drawings courtesy of Terry Tanner of Pacific Rim Architectural except where noted.