Mission Statement

In the autumn of 2002 our quest for an observatory began with a vision of this project as a public observatory, serving both our members and our community. RASC Okanagan Centre members will volunteer to operate the instruments of the observatory and guide guests on tours of the night sky as well as provide safe solar observations and offer multimedia presentations when conditions require. The RASC Okanagan Centre plans to act as a catalyst bringing in partners from the educational and research sectors to share in the challenges and rewards of developing the project. The RASC Okanagan Centre has developed and will maintain links with youth groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts, Church and Service groups, School Districts, Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Bureau, UBC and Okanagan College, while at the same time always seeking out new avenues and opportunities to share our astronomical heritage and enrich our community. It is our vision that appointments for observing sessions could be made, and regularly scheduled "Open" nights would be publicized. The Okanagan Centre would offer all RASC members the opportunity to have supervised observing runs on the large aperture telescope making this a RASC National facility open to RASC members throughout Canada and across the globe.

Kerry Park Aug 18 2006 3.JPG (873893 bytes) PR1.JPG (228395 bytes) PR2.JPG (230919 bytes) Outreach3.JPG (247382 bytes) Observer Outreach